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Yanagisawa Yany BooStar (Yamaha)

Yanagisawa Yany BooStar (Yamaha)

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Yanagisawaʼs new Yany BooStar neck-screw set combines three finishes with three patterns of use, allowing you to customize your sound to taste.

The Yany BooStar is capable of enhancing resonance and delivering a thicker tonal palette. When installed, it also allows you to set just the right amount of resistance and achieve smoother breath control. Your horn will have more tonal focus and volume in all registers. Different combinations of the three screws in the set facilitate changes in tonal quality and the playing experience, enabling you to adjust for different musical genres and settings.

The Yany BooStar gold-plated version offers richer tonal harmonics and depth compared to the standard un-plated set.

Open the door to a new age and customize your voice with flexible combinations. 

In addition to the basic “Screw A”, adding “Screw B” or “Screw C”, which are different weights allow for 3 kinds of customization. This will give you a different timbre and feeling. You choose the best combination to meet your style.

The Yany BooStar is available for all saxophones - soprano to baritone.

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