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Yamaha YCLCX Bb Clarinet (YCLCX03)

Yamaha YCLCX Bb Clarinet (YCLCX03)

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The YCL-CX is one of four models available in Yamaha’s Custom range of professional clarinets.

The YCL-CX-Bb has a full round sound with an immediate clarity to the tone and like all Yamaha’s wooden clarinets are made from carefully selected and seasoned Grenadilla wood and boasting an enormous amount of handcrafting and hand finishing.

This model features an adjustable thumb rest with strap ring. The thumb rest can be set to a height that is most comfortable for individual players. It can be set to make fingering comfortable for players with small hands and can be readjusted as necessary as the player grows and becomes more proficient. The thumb rest also includes a ring that can provide a convenient location for strap attachment when needed.

The mechanism with an adjustment screw alleviates problems that would sometimes occur because of the mechanism’s small range of motion. The key returns more precisely without wobble, making left-hand operation easier. This also improves the mechanism’s playing feel. Friction is lower, so there is less need for maintenance. Optimum playing action is maintained for longer.

The CX comes with a Custom 4CM mouthpiece made from ebonite, has silver plated keys and is supplied in a French style case with case cover.

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