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Selmer Mark VII Tenor Saxophone (pre-owned)

Selmer Mark VII Tenor Saxophone (pre-owned)

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#M.284268 pre-owned

1978 example of the Selmer Mark VII Tenor Saxophone. Signs of wear in lacquer (see photos) and use.

The Mark VII was heralded by Selmer as a successor to the Mark VI when it was introduced in 1975. In the Selmer brochures and catalogues of this time, they extol faster execution, a more refined tone, better intonation, and a warmer character.

They do feature larger table keys which can be cumbersome for players with smaller hands, but otherwise they are comfortable instruments, with a slightly tighter more focused sound than the Mark VI. The sax was designed by Michel Nouaux and Frederick Hemke, under the direction of Jean Selmer.

The Mark VII was the first Selmer that came with high F# as standard, before now it was only available as a special order.

Supplied in Selmer case, no mouthpiece

Please note: this instrument is being sold on commission for a third party.

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