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Rovner Replacement Cap no 3 (RV3CAP)

Rovner Replacement Cap no 3 (RV3CAP)

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Rovner are a well-established, US based ligature manufacture. They have always been popular with students, teachers, and professional musicians alike, due to their reliability, and excellent quality.

Created to fit the unique dimensions of the Rovner ligature. Attractive protection for your reed and mouthpiece, durable and hand washable.

Suitable for: 2R, 2RBL, 2RS, 3MVL model Dark, L7, L7.5, L8 model Light, C-2R model MKIII, E-2R, E-2RBL, E-2RS model EVO5, SS-2R model Star Series, V-1RLT, V-2MT, V-3MLA, V-RTM model Versa, G-2R, H-2R model MLel # 3

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