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Pearl Cantabile CD958E/RE Flute

Pearl Cantabile CD958E/RE Flute

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The Player’s Introduction into Japanese Professional Handmade Flutes.

The Cantabile series is an outstanding entry into the world of fully handmade Japanese flutes. It features .958 silver body and .925 silver keywork, French pointed arms and drawn tone holes. Pearl's Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction ensures a consistently smooth, reliable, fast, and quiet mechanism.

Cantabile model is our flute that makes use of traditional handmade features, complete silver, French Pointed Arms and Drawn Tone-holes. And made by same Japanese handmade craftsmen and inspected by high quality control.

In 1972, Pearl’s innovative technicians created the patented One-Piece Core-Bar and Pinless Construction, and Pearl’s continually smooth key-action became a reality. Since that time, Pearl is still the only flute manufacturer to apply these features on every flute made.

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