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Otto Link

Otto Link 7* Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Otto Link 7* Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The quality Otto Link sound is popular on Alto and Tenor Saxophone. Produced from a dense ebonite it offers a classic bebop tone. The internal design features a ballooned out large tone chamber. This helps produce a rich dark sound. This mouthpiece in a favourite amongst the jazz fraternity. 

In our opinion the hard rubber Link on Alto is great for players wanting to smooth out and darken their tone. Whilst it has ample projection for most scenarios, it is not a 'lead' mouthpiece in a loud ensemble. It's much happier in small groups or soloist work where the tone quality is the core ingredient. If you're a fan of vintage jazz and rich Alto sounds then this Link would be ideal. 

  • Warm and rounded tone 
  • Good projection 
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