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Neotech Pad-It XL Saxophone Sling Swivel Hook

Neotech Pad-It XL Saxophone Sling Swivel Hook

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Neotech Pad it Sax Strap Black X-Long size, swivel hook.

The padded non-stretch design uses high-tech memory foam to cushion your neck and shoulders. The memory foam conforms to the shape of your neck so as to avoid any uncomfortable pressure points. For example, having a button on the back of your shirt or the clasp of a necklace pushed into your neck by an unforgiving strap. 2.5 inches wide (6,4 cm). Antimicrobial and wicks away moisture. Fits a range of instruments including saxophone, clarinet, English horn, bassoon and oboe.

Approx. size 21.5" - 28" (54.6cm - 71.1cm) back of neck to end of loop. Swivel hook.

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