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Miyazawa PB-202E Flute

Miyazawa PB-202E Flute

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The 202E is a handmade flute with .925 solid headjoint, silver plated nickel silver body, footjoint and key mechanism. Closed holes with traditional French style pointed key arms and drawn tone holes.

The tone holes on the 202E are carefully 'drawn-up' from the body tube and the top expertly rolled to provide perfect pad seating.

Miyazawa's 'Pinless' left hand mechanism represents a significant advance in technology and hand craftsmanship, resulting in a mechanism of incomparable quality.

All current models of Miyazawa flute, have a pinless left-hand mechanism. With the Miyazawa's new 'Pinless' left hand mechanism, all left-hand keys are individually set on a single long rod which is secured at the kingpost. A bridge rod connects all keys for reliable adjustments. The bridge rod is positioned under the left-hand mechanism, resulting in a sleek design & quality precision.

• Stationary left-hand rod decreases friction on the mechanism, allows for more stable adjustments, and eliminates binding which can occur on traditional pinned mechanisms, resulting in a sleek design and quality precision.
• Design of long rod insures no king post wear.
• Stable design provides a smoother, quieter mechanism.
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