Miyazawa PB-102E/RE Flute

Miyazawa PB-102E/RE Flute

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The Miyazawa PB102 Flute is an excellent advanced-level flute with the added benefit of a solid silver lip plate/riser and a partial Brogger system. These features enable the player to create a rich and complex sound, command a wide dynamic range, and enjoy flawless mechanism



  • Miyazawa PB102 Flute – PB102
  • Solid silver lip plate - 925 silver
  • Silver Riser - 990 silver
  • Silver-plated body tube
  • Closed Hole/Open Hole
  • Silver-plated mechanism and keys
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Pinless partial Brogger system
  • Offset G
  • E mechanism
  • The instrument is supplied in a hard case & soft case cover and includes a cleaning rod, internal gauze and polishing cloth.
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