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Legere Signature Cut Clarinet Reed (1)

Legere Signature Cut Clarinet Reed (1)

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The Signature Series' flexibility produces a wide range of colourful overtones. Their free blowing nature and ease of articulation is ideal for players in all genres.

The Signature Series for clarinet reeds are perfectly centred. They produce a warm, rich tone in all registers of the instrument. They are cut thinner and are stiffer than natural cane generating a clear, focused sound requiring minimum effort from the player.

(One Reed per Pack)

How to choose the correct strength reed:

Learn how to care for your Legere reed here:

About Legere

Using specially engineered and 'oriented' polypropylene to make both single and double reeds, Legere reeds offer a number of incredible benefits to players:

  • Legere Reeds never need to be soaked, as they instantly respond right out of the box.

  • Legere Reeds are unaffected by weather, temperature, or humidity so they are always consistent, working and sounding just as you expect.

  • Legere Reeds offer incredible longevity. Just one reed could last you for months!

If you wish you had purchased a Légère reed in another strength or with a different character, you can now use Légère’s hassle-free online exchange facility to obtain a more suitable replacement reed, free of charge.


Customer must provide a valid receipt | Exchange requests must be submitted within 30 days of date of original purchase, as outlined on customer’s valid receipt | The customer cannot submit more than 5 requests in one calendar year. | Légère Reeds review all requests on a case by case basis. | Excludes Légère bassoon & oboe reeds.

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