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Jody Jazz

Jody Jazz DV NY Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (6)

Jody Jazz DV NY Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (6)

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Great condition, with original pouch and supplied with Rovner cap and ligature.

Jody Espina's DV mouthpieces are a testament to the harmonious marriage of precision engineering and artistic design. Utilizing the Golden Ratio, these mouthpieces are crafted to deliver an unprecedented sonic experience, characterized by harmonic richness, substantial body, and impressive projection. The result is a brighter, more balanced sound that stands out in the realm of alto mouthpieces.

The DV's distinctive features include a uniquely shaped step baffle, a spacious chamber, and a double window, all working together to produce a robust and effortlessly articulated sound. When inserted into an alto mouthpiece, this combination creates a winning formula that captivates players seeking both quality and versatility.

Despite being manufactured with cutting-edge computer-controlled Lathes and Mills, the DV maintains a high level of hand finishing, showcasing a commitment to detail and craftsmanship. This meticulous approach results in a mouthpiece that not only performs flawlessly but is also a visual masterpiece.

For those exploring the DV series, the comparison between the DV and the DV NY reveals nuances in the baffle design. The DV NY features a lower baffle, resulting in a less aggressive projection compared to the standard DV. However, it retains a large, warm tone, with sub-tones exuding natural warmth, and top notes cutting through with clarity. The DV NY emerges as a versatile option, providing a balanced and matured tone that sets it apart from more assertive top-end mouthpieces. In essence, the DV series promises not just a mouthpiece but an immersive journey into the realms of nuanced sound and artistic expression.

• Material: 24Kt Gold Plated Brass
• Made In: USA
• Baffle: Low
• Manufacturing Method: CNC machined, Hand Finished
• Recommended for: Pop/Rock/R&B/Funk/Contemporary Jazz

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