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Elkhart 100CR Cornet

Elkhart 100CR Cornet

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The Elkhart 100CR cornet has been designed to suit entry-level players specifically. To ensure your tone is always balanced and smooth, the 100CR cornet features a rose brass lead pipe. Often only found on more premium instruments, rose brass is the ideal material for ensuring your tone blends with those around you.

To ensure you can start learning the basics of tuning, the 100CR student cornet features a first slide saddle and third slide tuning ring. These smooth slides are perfect for making minor adjustments to help tune with those around you. All of these features come together to produce a cornet that is worthy of any beginner player.

Elkhart are part of Vincent Bach Instruments - the company that makes the world famous Stradivarius trumpets. So you know this cornet is built to last. Unlike other cornets at this price, the Elkhart 100CR cornet has a rose brass lead pipe to ensure your tone is always pleasant and smooth. Thanks to the fantastic build quality and appealing price, the Elkhart 100CR cornet is a fantastic instrument that is perfectly suited for both schools and brass bands alike. And to make sure you can get practising straight away, the Elkhart cornet comes with a back-pack style case and mouthpiece.

Body: Clear lacquered brass with rose brass lead pipe

Bell: Clear lacquered yellow brass

Bell Diameter: 120mm (4.72")

Bore Size: medium-large (11.2mm/0.441")

Valves: Top sprung stainless steel

Finger rings: Adjustable third valve slide ring, first valve thumb hook, two water keys

Mouthpiece: Included

Accessories: Fabric covered backpack style case, polishing cloth
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