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Rovner Replacement Cap no 4 (RV4CAP)

Rovner Replacement Cap no 4 (RV4CAP)

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Rovner are a well-established, US based ligature manufacture. They have always been popular with students, teachers, and professional musicians alike, due to their reliability, and excellent quality.

  • Model #4
  • Plastic cap
  • Colour: Black
  • For Rovner ligatures
  • Suitable for: 3R, 3RL, 4R, 4RL, 4RS model Dark, L9, L10 model Light, C-3R, C-3RL model MKIII, E-3R, E-3RL, E-4R, E-4RL, E-4RS model EVO5, SS-3R, SS-3RL model Star Series, V-2R, V-3R, V-3RL model Versa, G-3R, G-3RL, H-3R, H-3RL model ML
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