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Buffet RC A Clarinet (BC1214-2-0) (Special offer)

Buffet RC A Clarinet (BC1214-2-0) (Special offer)

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One only at a special price of £2995 (£400 off the SRP)

The RC was first developed in 1974 and received a redesign in 2014, benefitting from ten years of acoustical research and development.

The overall intonation of the instrument has been reviewed and enhanced to better adapt to the ever-increasing demands of the musician. Its warm, centred tone, projection, and its improved evenness of response and intonation will give pure satisfaction to musicians aspiring to a professional level or wanting to play the top of the line.

Although based on the bore of the R13 model the tapers in the bore of the RC are different, resulting in a bigger, sweeter and fuller sound, reminiscent of larger bore clarinets.

The RC has a nominal bore size of 14.65mm and comes with a 65mm barrel (shorter and longer barrels available). Although traditionally made from stained African blackwood (M’Pingo). 

Complete in Deluxe double case.

Note: mouthpiece not included

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