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Bauhaus Walstein

Bauhaus Walstein Soprano Saxophone (pre-owned)

Bauhaus Walstein Soprano Saxophone (pre-owned)

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#010358 Pre-owned

In Workshop prior to resale

Lovely example of this Bronze bodied soprano - looks like new.

Bauhaus say of it:
The Bauhaus-WALSTEIN Straight Soprano Saxophone Deluxe Model features the same specifications and sound as the original, only the keywork and mechanism have changed. Bauhaus have rebuilt the action in the Deluxe A.I. (Action Improved) series using a shoulder-less point screw and redesigned pillar-rod mechanism. The screws are manufactured from hardened steel, and the housing mechanism is carefully engineered around them creating greater ergonomics, making for a smoother, more responsive action. SPECIFICATIONS
Two Crooks - Straight & Curved
High G Key
Ribbed Construction
Fine Adjustment Screws
Hand Hammered Bell
Ergonomic Thumb Rest & Thumb Hook
Black Rucksack Style Case
Body Material - Bronze 93% Copper/ 5% Zinc/ 2% Tin Blue Steel Needle Springs
Fine Grain Italian Pads
Low Bb to High G 
Mouthpiece, cap and ligature

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