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Vincent Bach

Bach Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece

Bach Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Vincent Bach was a rare combination of artist and engineer. He constantly changed his mouthpieces in search of the perfect design. It wasn't until the mid 1960's that he stopped and finally settled on more standardized design. It was around this time that the formalization of the 27 throat and back-bore to cup letter (A=24, B=7, C= 10, etc.) created a standard for mouthpiece making that is still used today. These standards are now known as the Classic Series.

Wide: Increases endurance
Narrow: Improves flexibility, range
Round: Improves comfort
Sharp: Increases brilliance, precision of attack

Large: Increases volume, control
Small: Relieves fatigue, weakness
Deep: Darkens tone, especially in low register
Shallow: Brightens tone, improves response, especially in high register

Large: Increases blowing freedom, volume, tone; sharpens high register (largest sizes also sharpen low register)
Small: Increases resistance, endurance, brilliance; flattens high register

Except in general terms, it isn’t possible to identify backbores by size because they also vary in shape. Various combinations of size and shape make the tone darker or more brilliant, raise or lower the pitch in one or more registers, increase or decrease volume. In each instance, the effect depends in part on the throat and cup used in combination with the backbore.

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