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Trevor James

Trevor James Chanson Flute CS lip

Trevor James Chanson Flute CS lip

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CHANSON – Explore the magic of tone:

Trevor James Chanson flutes (previously named Cantabile) are ideal ‘upgrade’ flutes for established players who wish to add a precious metal element on their instrument and fully explore the vast tonal and performance possibilities it presents.

Ideal for players progressing through Advanced Intermediate Grades 6-8.

Perform with confidence:

Exploring the array of tones and subtle characteristics of the flute is a wonderful experience. The 925 silver headjoints and additional features on Chanson flutes mean you can confidently explore trickier fingering techniques, octaves and vibrato styles safe in the knowledge that a great tone will be delivered time after time.


925 Silver Headjoint & headjoint options:

The headjoint is the most important part of the flute as it’s where the sound originates. So, a nice, shiny new instrument with a sub-standard headjoint will have substandard playability.

Certain advanced playing techniques and tonal flavours can only be achieved through the addition of a precious metal to the headjoint of your flute. 925 silver - as suggested by the name - is a metal that has a 92.5% silver content. It is this precious silver metal content that helps naturally produce a superior sound quality, perfect for adding a new range of tonal characteristics to your playing.

All Chanson flutes feature 925 silver headjoints with an array of options that give you the opportunity to discover fresh sounds and playing styles as you continue your progression to becoming an advanced and performance flautist.  

This Chanson flute features a CS headjoint (Enhanced Design)

This headjoint has a traditional flat lip plate with a traditionally cut embouchure hole. This gives excellent tonal colour options.

Designed as the perfect serious upgrade instruments, Chanson flutes are available with numerous options designed to increase your performance possibilities and expand your discovery of the instrument even further.


Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole:

The embouchure hole is a very important component of any flute as it’s where air is initially blown into the tubing. This is entry point for the instrument’s energy source.

If the embouchure hole is imperfect or uneven, the air cannot flow into the instrument smoothly which ultimately results in an imperfect and uneven tone.

Many flute headjoints feature machine-produced embouchure holes – which although functional – do not necessarily allow the flute to perform at its optimal level. Machine-production can leave rough and misshapen edges that mean flutes don’t sound their very best.

A perfectly cut embouchure hole requires an expert eye and human hands to ‘over-cut and under-cut’ the exact angles, smooth any rough edges and fill-in any irregular shapes.

The good news is that all Trevor James Chanson flutes feature hand over-cut and undercut embouchure holes. This extra attention to detail ensures that from the first time you blow into your new TJ Flute, you can be confident that every subtle nuance will be within your full control.

The crown is another piece of a flute’s anatomy that plays a crucial role in the quality of the sound produced. It acts as a plug that seals the top end of the flute and directs air – or the sound, if you like – down the flute past the keys.

A heavier weighted crown offers greater air resistance and therefore centres and focuses the airflow down the length of the flute more uniformly and efficiently - which results in a more resonant and responsive instrument. This is particularly important as your repertoire requires you to retain optimum tone when playing ever more tricky pieces.  

French-style pointed key arm mechanism:

Chanson flutes feature French-style pointed key arms.

The key-arms are the parts of a flute which connect the keys to the body of the flute. Traditionally reserved for much more expensive flutes, French-style pointed key arms feature an arm that extends to the centre of the key and helps to strengthen the mechanism, making for a stronger and tighter key placement, which means no leaks and squeaks

These key arms also result in excellent note intonation; reward speedy playing; and aid the development of faster techniques - so you’ll be well-placed to take on those more challenging pieces. 

Silver-plated beauty, that will last:

You can be safe in the knowledge that Chanson flutes have a triple plated finish on their tubing. 

To ensure that the sliver-plating on your TJ flute will last a lifetime – unlike inferior instruments- Trevor James developed their own method of coating flutes. After much research they discovered that by copper-plating the nickel tubing first, the subsequent two (yes two!) layers of silver-plate are rock solid, giving you the most durable finish of any step-up flute.  

Setup in the UK by experienced TJ Technicians:

And don’t forget, each Trevor James Chanson Flute is crafted to exacting standards with the best components from around the world, with a final hand set-up in our UK technical workshops based in Kent, south-east England.

Quick Spec:

925 silver headjoint

Responsive headjoint design

Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole

Pointed key arm mechanism

Solid heavy weighted headjoint crown

Triple-plated finish

Hidden adjusting screws

French style wooden case

Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap

Wooden cleaning rod

White internal cleaning cloth

Microfibre cloth

Owner Guide

Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops.

925 silver CS cut headjoint, Heavy-weighted engraved crown, Silver-plated body tube, Silver-plated pointed key arm mechanism, Closed hole key mechanism, Drawn tone holes, A+442 pitch, Wooden case, Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap, E Mechanism, Shaped lip, C Foot.

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