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Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Saxophone (s/h)

Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Saxophone (s/h)

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Lovely example of this 1949 built Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Sax in silver plate.

The Selmer Super Balanced Action is considered by many to be the design that set the tone for the modern saxophone. Originally called the Super Action model, it is now known as the Super Balanced Action (SBA) to differentiate it from the newer Super Action 80 model that came much later. This was the first Selmer saxophone to feature offset tone holes in the upper and lower stacks. On previous models, the tone holes were all in line along the front of the sax. On the SBA, those in the bottom stack are now offset slightly to the right, making for a much more comfortable feel. Players loved it, and pretty much all modern horns are based on this idea now.

The SBA has a slightly edgy tone retaining its sweetness.

Supplied in hard case (not original), no mouthpiece. Showing signs of its age - plating - see photos, but a lovely instrument to play. All signs are cosmetic. No replating has been done so it is all original.

Serviced in house. 

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