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Yamaha YCL221 Bass Clarinet (s/h)

Yamaha YCL221 Bass Clarinet (s/h)

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In good condition, some minor scratches on the bell, with new Yamaha mouthpiece and Rovner cap & Ligature in original case.

This lightweight ABS bass clarinet is ideal for the intermediate clarinettist wishing to expand their skills within an orchestra or band. The design quality principles applied from the professional level instrument ensure that this instrument offers the best quality in its class, whilst still remaining affordable.

Many clarinet players wish at sometime to move onto a harmony instrument but are unsure as to how hard it could be. The YCL-221 makes playing the bass clarinet very easy due to its lightweight ABS body and a very good mouthpiece set-up. Also it is supplied with a lightweight case which is extremely durable and portable.

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