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Selmer S80 III Soprano Saxophone (s/h)

Selmer S80 III Soprano Saxophone (s/h)

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Everything you should expect from this superb Selmer Paris Professional Soprano, but at two thirds the price.

With the introduction of the “Series III” Soprano, the world of the Soprano opens up to the musician.

Summit of the Henri SELMER Paris range, the "SERIES III" soprano's effortless ergonomics are particularly attractive for the non-specialist, featuring a playing technique similar to that of the alto and tenor.

A flexible instrument, with an easy sound modulation and a smooth, warm tone, it displays a rich timbre without aggressivity particularly in the upper register (altissimo), a very homogeneous and stable pitch and an expanded range, thanks to its high G key.

The functioning and positioning of all the left-hand little finger spatulas in the low register, and left-hand little finger C/E-flat spatulas are optimized.

Full description below:
Tone richness and easy blowing are the basic features of the Series III Soprano.
Easy to use for the non specialists of the soprano players, it offers a playing technique quite similar to the Alto and tenor saxophones.
Unlike the SA80II the Series III comes with optional necks – one straight the other curved – offering a choice of playing positions.
This model is free blowing, particularly in the high register where the addition of a high G key aids playability.
The pads have metal reflectors.
Price includes Selmer case and Selmer C* mouthpiece.

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