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Rousseau SJ6 Studio Jazz Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece (s/h)

Rousseau SJ6 Studio Jazz Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece (s/h)

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A great jazz/funk piece with a rich core tone with a little extra bite
E. Rousseau’s mouthpieces have gained a lot of popularity in the US and have had many endorsements from top jazz artists. The Studio jazz mouthpiece is ideal for jazz artists looking for projection and power whilst still maintaining a rich sound.

Detailed Description
When testing this piece, I was impressed by how rich and full of depth the tone was. The studio jazz has a unique wedge baffle which gives it some serious power when pushed; and what was so surprising was the depth of tone remained fat and rich and did not become thin. For a piece with relatively thick rails, it was surprisingly responsive, which meant the sub-tone came out with little effort. There was also a real spread of sound and warmth to the tone which is an unusual for a high baffled soprano mouthpiece which a real bonus. The intonation throughout the whole register of the sax remained even on this piece with no tuning issues on the upper register. For a player looking for a versatile mouthpiece which can handle anything from smoky ballads to loud funk or pop playing this is a real contender.
• Material- Hard Hubber
• Made in USA

• Small Chamber

• Medium Facing

• Unique Wedge Baffle

• CNC Machined

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