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Hite D Clarinet Mouthpiece (s/h)

Hite D Clarinet Mouthpiece (s/h)

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SECOND HAND - mouthpiece only (no cap & ligature)

David Hite was a highly respected mouthpiece maker for many years. His blanks were made by JJ Babbitt Co (who also make Meyer, Link etc) and they were then hand finished by himself or his wife Jean who was also an excellent mouthpiece technician.

Since the passing of David Hite, the Babbitt company have carried on production and now use their in-house specialists to finish and play test each mouthpiece. Designed using the finest ebonite and Hites own mouldings with a deep chamber.

  • D has the original interior design and gives a deep rich tone.
  • D tip opening is .104 (1/100mm)
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