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Azumi AZ-Z3E/RE Flute (special price - closed hole)

Azumi AZ-Z3E/RE Flute (special price - closed hole)

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Altus flutes are held in the very highest esteem by professional players and technicians the world over. Now the Altus sound is available at an affordable price, thanks to the Azumi flute.

The key to the success of the Azumi is the Altus head joint. This is the Z-cut style, hand cut in Japan, which has a wider, rectangular shape to provide quick response with a large tone, across the range of the flute.

Ever striving onwards for continued perfection, Altus have released their new Azumi Z series. Whilst maintaining the constantly high manufacturing standards found with the 3000 series, Altus have succeeded in improving on what was already considered one of the best flutes for value on the market.

Now featuring French style pointed key-arms for a more professional finish.
• Hand cut Altus Z-cut .925 'Sterling' head joint
• .925 'Sterling' body
• Silver-plated mechanism
• Closed Hole/Open Hole
• Offset G key
• Split E mechanism
• French style Pointed key-arms
• C foot joint
• SP-1 springs make the key work respond more quickly
• Modern accurate scale
• Includes case, cleaning accessories and plush-lined case cover

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